Welcome to our first Article, the below details the story behind our first fully waterproof product.

We often get asked how we come up with our products, so the following is an insight into what it takes...

First up, our Aquatrail trousers!

When we sat down to design these trousers we knew exactly what we wanted, our brief was simple:

"A waterproof & thermal product that would keep the user warm and dry on the trails"

This simple product brief turned quite extensive once we started to get ideas down on paper...

With multiple material samples all claiming waterproofing properties, we conducted rigorous testing at EYRA HQ to determine the ideal choice for our Aquatrail trousers. After careful consideration and evaluation, we settled on a 3 layer membrane.

However, we thought the material was a bit lightweight for our desired level of durability, so we worked with our textile supplier to develop a customized, heavier-grade version that met our requirements.

Sampling is an expensive but vital part of the process. Our first sample pair of trousers were ordered...

We were expecting good things, but what turned up exceeded these expectations. The trousers were put through their paces on the trails of the Tweed valley, necessary changes were made and the bulk order was placed!

We also put these in front of our customers at Tweedlove Festival in September 2022 and took on board the feedback you gave us.

The first trousers we produced in 2021 taught us alot and one of the main issues we encountered with that product was the pocket zips.

We knew that no area of these trousers could let them down, and a common weak link against waterproofing properties is the seams, the seam taping applied to these trousers keeps the water at bay in the weakest part of the product.

We made the decision to incorporate a sturdy waterproof zip for the pockets, vents, and ankle adjustments. To ensure that we selected the highest quality zip, we put several samples through the ringer and we selected the zip that performed the best.

One of the standout features of these trousers are the zipped side vents that allow for added airflow when you need it most. We were inspired by the vents commonly found on outdoor and motorcycle trousers and decided to incorporate them into our MTB trousers.

The result? A game-changing addition to our product that we believe has greatly improved the wearer's experience.

But we didn't stop there. We also took into account another previous lesson learned and added stoppers to the trousers zips. These small but critical additions ensure that the zippers durability and reliability is improved, plus they finish off the zips nicely!

We could have gone for vinyl printed logos but as we know, these do have a tendency to fall off over time, so embroidery was the choice made. Grey logos front and back in typical subtle EYRA styling adds to the premium nature of the product.


Our Aquatrail trousers have been a meticuluously planned product from inception to delivery. These trousers are a must have addition to your MTB wardrobe, combining durability, functionality, and style.

With attention to every detail, the Aquatrail trousers provide the ultimate comfort and protection for all your outdoor adventures.

Check out some of the reviews we have been left and click the link below to have a look at the trousers on our website.


Aquatrail Trousers

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